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a pedantic killjoy with a sociopathetic abscess

Dead by Daylight: Killers really hate me, but I still loathe survivors more
Team Spark / Jeep
The main reason why many games end early for me is that I am super unlucky and the killer spots me.

Just more ramblings about survivorsCollapse )

DBD: That tension
Team Spark / Jeep
What a game! I am Jake, the Killer is a wraith and we are at the Ironworks of Misery.

4 went in alive, but how many got out?Collapse )

Three little saplings and the big bad wolf - Beta Notes
Team Spark / Jeep
Fandom & Time Line: Teen Wolf - 3A AU, ignores 3B and everything that follows
Rating of the story: T to R
Pairing: Lydia Martin/Peter Hale (main), minor Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Peter Hale/Lydia Martin/Stiles Stilinski

Type of Beta: I basically take any help I can get but what I really need is someone who is mean and nitpicky and has no problem littering my gdoc with criticism. Canon knowledge is optional for this.

Three little saplings and the big bad wolf Is a little trilogy born out of mating_games bonus challenges. Peter raises some Nemeton saplings and
his attempts to make them grow have some unforseen side effects.

Status: 2/3 complete, nothing beta read

1. Tree bad! Fire pretty
Word Count: 3,408 words
minor Peter/Lydia and Peter/Stiles

2. How to make trees grows
Word Count: 7,018 words

3. Last part, with some Peter/Lydia/Stiles action

Always an Alpha - Beta Notes
Team Spark / Jeep
Fandom & Time Line: Teen Wolf - 3A AU, ignores 3B and everything that follows
Rating of the story: R
Pairing: Lydia Martin/Peter Hale

Type of Beta: I basically take any help I can get but what I really need is someone who is mean and nitpicky and has no problem littering my gdoc with criticism. Canon knowledge is optional for this.

Status of Beta: Some chapters have been beta-read very thoroughly, others had just the basic look over, some I have proofed myself with no beta around. So why my main focus is on betas for new chapters, I'd also love to have someone go through the old chapters (which I edit when I have some spare time).

Always an Alpha, is a super long, super plotty story, that focuses on a series of brutal murders happening in Beacon Hills and that series is forcing Lydia to work with Peter who seems to be the only one with the knowledge and resources to stop this. It's not a story where those two are instantly fall for each other (up to chapter 34 and those two are still at odds, even though circumstance has forced them together a lot more closely).

Posting Status:

(Chapter 1-26) 166,026 Words
Last Chapter posted: 26 - Unexpected Complications

Working on: 34 - The long Night (Guest POV: Isaac)
Overall Count: (up to 33) 211,582

Which means roughly 44,000 words, but don't let that scare you, I'm also taking betas for just one chapter or half a chapter.

Peter Hale / Lydia Martin - 20 Icons
teen wolf - Lydia sexy
And another set of Icons featuring my favourite Teen Wolf Ship: Lydia Martin and Peter Hale.

10 Pydia Icons, then five with them on their own.

20 Icons under the cutCollapse )Peter Hale / Lydia Martin - 20 Icons

Achieved and new goals and fanfic hopes for 2014
teen wolf - Lydia sexy
Finally I finished "All there is". The first story of the trilogy surrounding Khan set after the events of Star Trek into Darkness.

This makes me so insanely happy, even though the story is technically not really over as I've still got to write Khan rescuing his crew. But I've vowed to finish some other stories first.

I've written a lot this year, despite getting MS, having mostly problems with my eyes, so I'm pretty proud of All there is and my huge Teen Wolf fanfic Always an Alpha even though I'm far from finishing it. But I'm on it. That is one of the stories I really hope to finish in 2014.

Another Teen Wolf success is the SS-Santa Story I wrote for Cal, where I took a liking to the Peter/Stiles pairing. So much that I'm going to write in this AU verse (just like Always an Alpha the new 3B season makes this story AU). But being a rabid Pydia shipper I'm going to include not just slash but also het (awww, yes I can't help myself, I'm not a slasher at heart). I'm currently trying to finish the next instalment which is pure Pydia porn (which in my case means I need 5k plus to get to the juicy stuff).

more plans for 2014Collapse )

Oh and I already posted another fanfic for the "penises falling from the sky" prompt: It is a total crack fic with Skeletor/Evil-Lyn/Hordak porn and He-Man being assaulted by a penis army.

There are of course more story ideas and projects but I like to finish those as they are the most advanced.

New Year's Post: Fanfiction
teen wolf - Peter s1
It's the first of January and I think I should keep better track of fanfiction plans and the like.

Last year, I had three major obsessions: Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness, Loki from Marvel's Cinematic Universe and Peter from Teen Wolf. I started getting plot bunnies for all three. Birthright for Loki fell a bit apart after my beta dropped me and I decided to pause a bit to focus on Khan. Then something happened and at some point my Khan feels were not the same anymore. *pouts* But a least on the 31st December 2013 I did manage to finish my Khan fanfic All there is(the first part of the planned trilogy at least).

more below the cutCollapse )

Looking for alpha readers for my Teen Wolf fic
Peter / Lydia
Always an Alpha could use some Alpha readers.

BTW, since I wrote so much already and the plot is a bit more complicated, I would be grateful for alpha readers who don't mind reading through longish chapters and tell me whether I mention some things to often, if I should expand or answer certain questions sooner (if possible).

If you are interested comment here, anonymous comments should be screened so you could leave me your email. Or you can sent me a pm.

I don't expect grammar corrections just your general impressions. I got a solid handle on the plot, but maybe not so much on the pacing. Given that my beta reader has already to read so much, it might help if I iron out these things before she goes over with a fine comb.

It also has the advantage you got more chapters to read right away ... (I just finished the first draft of chapter 13).

And even more Khan Icons
casino royale girl red dress
Teaser: Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Star Trek into Darkness

20 Icons featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's Star Trek Character under the cutCollapse )

You can tell I am obsessed, can you?

Decided to finally get into Blue Ray with this film ... so today I pre-ordered the Blue Ray set with Blue Ray 3d, normal Blue Ray and DVD for about 30 Euros! The awful thing is the estimated shipping date is the 31st DECEMBER. WTF? I have to wait till next frakking year to finally get this film in decent quality???

And wallpaper time: Khan (who else)
Team Spark / Jeep
Khan Wallpaper

1600 x 1200 (same size as: 1280 x 960, 1152 x 864, 1024 x 768)
1680 x 1050 (same size as: 1920 x 1200, 1440 x 900, 1280 x 800)
1280 x 1024 (yes I still use that size)

Used one of my favourite quotes ;) font placement differs on individual sizes ...