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Dead by Daylight: Killers really hate me, but I still loathe survivors more
Team Spark / Jeep
The main reason why many games end early for me is that I am super unlucky and the killer spots me.

It's weird how you barely got to one gen and then they see you and they are on your ass, they ignore all other players, like I got chased by the wraith, he ignored people on generators, two got popped as he chased me. I did nothing, I didn't even use infinites or anything as I tried to stay away from the other players after I accidentally run where they were.

To top it all off, some greedy survivor tried so hard to get her points, that she made him stick close by (maybe he was a camper anyway, but we'll never know) and drop and destroy all pallets nearby. Thus guaranteeing I would not be able to escape even if she could unhook me. Killed myself asap to make her not get those unhook points. I hate that shit. There was only one game ever where the insta unhook was used good and that was with a camping trapper, it was either then or never and miraclously it worked.

They all died, nobody even black pipped, so at least that shit strategy didn't pay off (except for the killer who got his 14k).

I really like that you have to press less often to get into a game, but it still takes too long (I think even longer now) to get into a game. I still get paired too often with really bad teammates and really strong killers. I don't mind strong killers, but I hate that I am getting constantly screwed by the other survivors.

The game before (another wraith btw, so much for them dying out) some dude with Kindred was on the hook in the Disturbed Ward, super far away from me. See someone going slowly in for the rescue. I think the wraith might be running around the hook and they figure out if they can get in for the save. But no, the wraith had left and got me. Did the other survivor went in for the save??? No, they just crouched uselessly nearby.

Yet, most of the time when I play killer, I get these really great survivors who totally wreck me. Which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't also so greedy and wouldn't end the game when they can get out, the main reason I didn't enjoy killer anymore before the new patch. I suppose I could try killer again and see how badly it handicaps a noob killer like me or if I get more noob survivors now.


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