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DBD: That tension
Team Spark / Jeep
What a game! I am Jake, the Killer is a wraith and we are at the Ironworks of Misery.

I start out badly and fuck up the second skill check, I learned my lesson from the last games and sneak away slow but steady. Then someone gets the first generator going, but Mr. Wraith also downs his first prey and puts her on the hook. I am sort of close and sneak over and see if I can help Meg, but Mr. Wraith is patrolling in a very tight circle.

Someone more altruistic than me risks it anyway and both sort of get away. Meg hubbles over to me, I fix her up with the med kit I got from the chest close to the hooked person. (I passed by it but decided to try and see if rescue is feasable first). Meg and I switch on the second generator.

Mr. Wraith was still busy chasing the rescuer but poor guy got eventually downed and carried towards the hook right next to the gen Meg and I wanted to do next. (Fun Fact: it's the one I started on at first). So I figure sticking close by just asks for trouble and search for the nearest hook. A little risky close by sabotage - however, Mr. Wraith is camping even more closely and I can sabotage quite neatly to the end. While the third generator gets also popped.

Meg was sort of stuck close by and I am not sure if she or the other dude went in first. Turned out badly real quick, I sprint around the edge to see if I can approach stuff from a better angle but one is down already, all others are injured and then before I know it, two are down.

Nearest gen is almost done. I start it up to 99 and leave, approach to see if there is enough time to get one of the downed survivors. But no chance, Wraith is too close, so I sabotage a hook near an unstarted generator and sneak towards the hook, but instead of another rescue, Meg gets it again. I figure with the state of generators and the wraith having to know that I previously didn't go for any rescue he wouldn't expect it if tried to get Meg. Nope, ran up and down in front of her, at the same hook near the gen where everything went downhill for TEAM "We won't get out of here"

I wasted all that time I could've fixed up gens and have Mr. Wraith looking for me. Or rather standing on a hill looking around. I notice and sneak away trying to see the state of the generators while also looking for the hatch. Which part of me suspects might be near the hill or even on it. But I am obviously not going to get there, right?

If the killer hadn't been such a hook stickler I might have felt bad about dragging this out so long, but I snuck around the map, at a point when he decided to patrol generators. Waited until he went away from the gen I started on first and where poor Meg died. I am nearly done, I can see the Wraith approaching cloaked. I stay, start up the gen and run away. Over the 99 Percent generator, pop it as I am runnning and I don't know how, Mr. Wraith lost me!! I can't believe my luck.

Another long ass sneak sequence later, I am back at the other side of the map, where there a two gates next to each other. Shit, I am not getting out that way, he's basically just running a few meters left and right and can see whatever gate I am approaching. So I sneak the fuck back, around the edge, then center through the map. Into the iron works, I spine chill goes off, but he didn't see me. I hide on the stairs and by the door. I can hear and see the trap door, that is why Mr. Wraith is pacing up and down that spot. I wait until he turns his back and I go for it.

I escaped, omg it was so fucking tense, hadn't even noticed how tense I had become, my hands were all jittery. What a rush.

The funniest part. The killer was so annoyed with me for not running up to him and giving up. Tried to diss my excellent sneak skills and complained how boring it was. Well I wasn't bored, and if he wants more exciting games, I suggested he ought to camp less. Also the real problem was of course not only did he camp, he was way too noticeable with his movements, even cloaked, I could make him out so easily.

That is the bad side of camping, too - you expect to get your kills delivered to you, that survivors will rush into obvious danger, that your other skills aren't getting honed. I am bad as the killer, but I still didn't camp, I like the practice of rushing back to the hook and trying to pick up the tracks and relocate the survivor. Of course getting paired with super good survivors whom you barely spot at all or who know how to blind you and have three gens done before you even got close to them isn't much fun, but it really doesn't happen that often. You still can learn a lot. If I wasn't feeling so exhausted all the time, I'd play killer more often, but it is quite draining, of course this match felt like that, too.


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