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Always an Alpha - Beta Notes
Team Spark / Jeep
Fandom & Time Line: Teen Wolf - 3A AU, ignores 3B and everything that follows
Rating of the story: R
Pairing: Lydia Martin/Peter Hale

Type of Beta: I basically take any help I can get but what I really need is someone who is mean and nitpicky and has no problem littering my gdoc with criticism. Canon knowledge is optional for this.

Status of Beta: Some chapters have been beta-read very thoroughly, others had just the basic look over, some I have proofed myself with no beta around. So why my main focus is on betas for new chapters, I'd also love to have someone go through the old chapters (which I edit when I have some spare time).

Always an Alpha, is a super long, super plotty story, that focuses on a series of brutal murders happening in Beacon Hills and that series is forcing Lydia to work with Peter who seems to be the only one with the knowledge and resources to stop this. It's not a story where those two are instantly fall for each other (up to chapter 34 and those two are still at odds, even though circumstance has forced them together a lot more closely).

Posting Status:

(Chapter 1-26) 166,026 Words
Last Chapter posted: 26 - Unexpected Complications

Working on: 34 - The long Night (Guest POV: Isaac)
Overall Count: (up to 33) 211,582

Which means roughly 44,000 words, but don't let that scare you, I'm also taking betas for just one chapter or half a chapter.


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