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Looking for alpha readers for my Teen Wolf fic
Peter / Lydia
Always an Alpha could use some Alpha readers.

BTW, since I wrote so much already and the plot is a bit more complicated, I would be grateful for alpha readers who don't mind reading through longish chapters and tell me whether I mention some things to often, if I should expand or answer certain questions sooner (if possible).

If you are interested comment here, anonymous comments should be screened so you could leave me your email. Or you can sent me a pm.

I don't expect grammar corrections just your general impressions. I got a solid handle on the plot, but maybe not so much on the pacing. Given that my beta reader has already to read so much, it might help if I iron out these things before she goes over with a fine comb.

It also has the advantage you got more chapters to read right away ... (I just finished the first draft of chapter 13).


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